Accelerometer Chart Data

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Uploaded files must be comma separated value (CSV) files. As automatically exported from Actigraph software, the program expects files to:
1) have 10 lines of text header with the data starting on line 11;
2) have the X, Y, and Z axes accelerometer data stored in columns 1, 2, and 3 respectively;
3) store data in 1 second epochs; and
4) contain data for 10-48 hours (ideally ~24 hours of data). Files that contain more than 48 hours of recording will be rejected.
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Data to be uploaded must be de-identified such that no HIPAA identifiers are contained in the files. The user agrees that the data are de-identified and that Washington University Program in Physical Therapy may retain a copy of the de-identified data for storage and exploratory analyses in our accelerometry database.

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